Karve Studio on Stetson in Scottsdale is Arizona’s flagship location for the Ballet Barre Fitness Method. Karve offers a low-impact, effective and addictive workout that incorporates light weights, resistance balls and isometrics to develop lean, defined muscles through ballet barre conditioning. The Karve Method increases stamina quickly and effectively while burning fat. Every muscle in the body is worked intensely followed with a targeted stretch to develop balance in strength and flexibility. Motivating music keeps the energy level high and sets the tone for the workout. The Karve method is appropriate for ages 18 and up and for all fitness levels.

Located conveniently in the Old Town district, Karve Studio Scottsdale puts their clients first. Even in a group setting, each student gets individualized attention on form, posture and safety. Don’t be surprised if an instructor who is taking class with you stops to adjust your form so you get the most out of every move. Their goal is to give clients a fun and effective workout along with the attention and results of a personal trainer without the expense.

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