k Pilates & Karve Studio in East Mesa is the flagship studio for Karve Studio, offering the most effective and focused cardiovascular program of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. The Karve technique tones your seat, abdominals, thighs and arms, and improves posture to produce a beautiful, sculpted body. Based off of the famed Lotte Berk Method, Karve interval training sets use the ballet barre, light weights and your own body weight for resistance. Through dynamic exercises your muscles are targeted to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief. Thus “Karving” long lean muscles.

k Pilates is also Mesa’s only Pilates and fitness studio offering Pilates instruction on classical Pilates equipment. The studio is equipped with authentic spring-based Pilates equipment. All of their instructors have been trained in the classical Pilates technique, designed the way Joseph Pilates himself originally intended. Instructors are certified through an intensive year-long training that covers not only the common mat work, but also all levels and modifications of exercises on the Pilates apparatus, and are Pilates Method Alliance Certified. The Pilates Method Alliance is the only certifying and regulating organization in the world dedicated to protecting and regulating the authentic Pilates Method.

k Pilates & Karve Studio Mesa is committed to creating a comfortable, supportive, non-competitive environment to encourage clients to develop their strength and fitness at their own pace. Attention to detail, form and safe progression is of utmost importance. Even in a group setting, each client will receive one-on-one attention as we don’t believe in “blending in” to the crowd!

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