If waxing leaves your face bumpy and irritated, hope has arrived in the form a thin white thread. A specialty of Beautif-EYE Studios in Tempe, the art of facial threading has actually been around a long time originating in Southeast Asia centuries ago. The threading practitioner skillfully “lassos” rows of hairs using thread to whisk away even the tiniest peach fuzz.

The experts at Beautif-EYE use 100% cotton thread from India laced with anti-bacterial powder so it smoothly glides over skin. The area is first prepped with powder to remove excess oil. Then, the practitioner will expertly work the thread between her fingers to remove hair quickly and precisely. A stray hair or two might be plucked for fine-tune shaping and a cooling gel will be applied as a final touch.

Deals offered by Beautif-EYE Studios Tempe

$7 Eyebrow Threading ($14 Value)


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