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Arizona Spa Girls is so much more than the typical deals site. We have been mining out the best in spas and salons for more than a decade and have lived and breathed a mission of making the beauty and wellness services more accessible to consumers. We provide our users and subscribers with the full scope of healthy lifestyle information including beauty product reviews, spa reviews, home spa recipes, news, expert advice and more.

We have also partnered with local spas and salons to leverage and enhance their marketing efforts. We offer a level expertise and market understanding unparalleled by other sites offering spa and salon deals.

Why feature your business with us? We’re glad you asked!

Zero Risk Advertising

Unlike traditional print and online advertising, there is no risk associated with running a featured deal on SpaGirlsClub.com. You pay a commission only on actual sales that we make for you and you are able to directly track all sales made through our business center. We create a business listing that enhances your visibility with search engines.

Zero Up-front Cost

Deal sites have become a major marketing tool for one very obvious reason: There is no up-front cost by the business. Loss leaders and deep first-time-visit discounts have been a marketing method of attracting new clients long before deal sites cropped up all over the internet. Businesses have embraced to no up-front cost of the deal sites because it just makes sense. Bottom line, we make money only if we successfully promote your deal.

Targeted Custom Deals

While most deal sites dictate or restrict the deal you place with them, we are committed to working with you on creating a deal that is in line with your marketing goals and your staff and budget restrictions. And of course, if a deal doesn’t fly with our subscribers, you lose nothing and we learn more about what they want from us. If you win, we win.

Measurable ROI

Another priceless advantage of working with us is that you are able to track every aspect of the promotion. We don’t keep any secrets from you and allow you full back-end access to the software that tracks all your sales, redeemed vouchers and any additional spending by the customer. You are also able to submit new deals – all from our secure Business Dashboard.

Viral Exposure

Our active engagement with our social media fans and followers ensures that business will get viral exposure when your deal goes live. Our subscribers are encouraged to share the deal on all their social channels with the opportunity to earn rewards if their friends buy a deal.

Let’s get started!

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